Real-time signals and forecasts

Alphanext deals with the development of a software, Stocker, capable of analyzing the market trend and guiding the user in his 360-degree operation. Stocker generates in real time proprietary signals and allows you to manage operations and money through a operational dashboard.

Stocker is able to perform trades in an automated way, based on rules and algorithms tailored fabrics of the financial markets , thanks to the integrated trading system.

Proprietary signals

Inside Stocker there is an interactive grid that provides signals in real time, notifying areas of interest to the operator and trend indicators, on different timeframes, making the trading experience complete and almost independent of the graphs.

Operational dashboard

The operational dashboard is a necessary tool for the in-depth analysis of the yield on the securities in the portfolio and an optimal money management. The web interface provides a quick reference report page so that you can view the progress of your investments at any time.

Fundamental analysis

For any tool, in automatic mode, going to analyze the balance sheet data and through an algorithm based on the discounting of cash flows, Stocker manages to calculate, with extreme precision, the equilibrium price which helps to understand if an instrument is underestimated or overestimated.

Trading system

Stocker can analyze the status of an instrument in a completely autonomous way, using Machine Learning algorithms, and generate an automatic trading strategy on that instrument, choosing the right timing of entry and exit, stop and take profit if the situation requires it, managing to manage the positions also in multiday.